Faery Beautiful (faery_beautiful) wrote in hidden_realms,
Faery Beautiful

Faery Beautiful!

Hello everyone!!

I'm so excited about this that I had to post all over LJ!! We had them out at the Faerieworlds Festival for a short time, and got much acclaim! I'm totally in love with the name, too. heh.

I think the thing I'm most happy about is this:

Goblin Repellant Spray Goblin Repellant Spray

For kids to spray under the beds and in closets to keep the beasties at bay!

We also have body sprays(scents of the seasons), massage oils, smudge spray(for those times you just can't light up...) and herbal insect repellant. Yay!!!

Check it out, I just made this LJ account and posted some pics into my Scrapbook... faery_beautiful

With brightest blessings and big heaping sackfuls of faery love,

(x-posted all over!!!)
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