ragdoll satyr (tied_up_ragdoll) wrote in hidden_realms,
ragdoll satyr

crafty questions.

so, i haven't posted in ages. sorry about that.
anywho i had gotten into spray paint awhile back. i live on a VERY tight budget and needed cheep storage so i gots those rubbermade 3 drawer thingies. plastic and horribly WHITE. i thought i could make them a bit more eye catching if i did a faux finish using spray paint. i bought the fleck stone spray paint and set to work. the thing is, the plastic top to the drawes warped a bit. it never bounced back. then the paint chipped and flaked off around all the corners and between the drawers.
the chests have long since been tossed (no thanks to katrina) and now i'm in a simmilar situation of no money and nothing to put stuff in. i'd like to try this again and was wondering if any of you have some nifty tricksies or tips with these faux spray paints...
on a similar note... i really want to use these faux finishes on other fae' home crafts. so i'm looking for ideas. have any of you used these for unusual or especialy successfull projects? i'd love to hear all about it.
thanx abunch.
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