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New Pyramid Collection faerie artwork

I just got the latest Pyramid Collection catalog and it had some great new framed faerie/elf/mermaid prints (as well as new Amy Brown figurines).

If you like vintage faerie photography, they have this framed elf child print from 1913. *loves*

And this mermaid and merman print by David Delamare is absolutely beautiful!
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How do you get the catalog?
Oh you can't order it if you don't live in the US - the catalog that is *sad faced*
That stinks. Luckilly, they have everything in their catalog on the Web site. And usually if you order something, they send you a copy of the catalog.

I didn't see anything on the Web site about international orders, but they did have this little paragraph on the ordering page in the catalog:

Foreign and overseas orders are shipped air parcel post. Please include recipient's complete address and postal code plus daytime telephone number. To determine the shipping charge, multiply by four the standard US shipping charge. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Fax orders (credit cards only) to (USA) 978-256-2492.

It sounds like a pain, but it can be done.
So it's just four times more expensive *hee hee*. But at least doable. I really want the boy photograph! SO preciousss*~
Sometimes i think companies set these outlandish international shipping costs to discourage people outside the US from ordering. I've sent things to Canada before and it cost nowhere near $30.

I often think i need to start some sort of underground faerie railroad, where people outside of the US can order things from companies like the Pyramid Collection and use my shipping address. And then i can ship it to them at a reasonable rate.

It makes me so mad that companies make things unnecessarily difficult sometimes.
He hee. Maybe we'll do that. I send you cheque or something... we shall see. I love having you on my list ~ you are a refreshing brook of LIGHT.
*blushes* thanks. ^_^